Ambrosia Suites in the center of Athens

Ideal Location for Sightseeing, Shopping & Business in Athens, Greece

Plaka (old town) (1.0 Km)
The Acropolis Hill (1.5 Κm)
The Parthenon (1.5 Κm)
Syntagma (Constitution Square) (1.3 Κm)
Ancient Agora (1.2 Κm)
National Garden (1.3 Κm)
Monastiraki Flea Market (1.0 Κm)
The Temple of Olympic Zeus (1.7 Κm)
Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library (1.1 Κm)
New Acropolis Museum (1.7 Km)
Lycabettus Hill (2.0 Km)
Theatre of Dionysus (1.7 Κm)
Odeon of Herod Atticus (1.6 Km)
Psirri District (0.6 Km)
Gazi District (1.2 Km)
Kolonaki District (1.5 Km)

A few words about Athens

Athens is one of the most important international destinations. For centuries Athens has been a major attraction due to its long and important history, but also due to its impact on the modern world. Built at on privileged location, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, for thousands of years Athens has been attracting visitors from all over the world, being the cradle of democracy, arts, letters, philosophy, the most important creations of man, but also home to some of the most prominent founding fathers of modern European history.

Today, the ancient, the modern and the old city (Plaka), harmoniously coexist creating an ultimate experience for all visitors of Athens. The ancient buildings, the old neighborhoods and the cosmopolitan side of Athens promise a variety of experiences in an exciting city that waits for you to discover and explore. Ambrosia Hotel & Suites in Omonia, provides visitors the chance to do most of the exploring on foot, due to its supreme location among Athens Hotels.

Athens Nightlife

Athens is famous for its vibrant nightlife. The Athenians like to party and will do so almost every night of the week.The animation doesn’t start before 10 or 11 pm and ends only with the first rays of sun or even later.

Bars and cafes:

Bars and cafes stay open until late at night and offer all kinds of music, from Greek and international pop, to trance, alternative rock, jazz, Latin and much more. Every corner of every street has its own bar and café. Especially full on week-ends, Greek bars offer great ambiance, from very trendy ones to more romantic.

Night Clubs:

Night clubs can be found everywhere and remain open until six or seven in the morning. They also offer a wild range of music and some of them, mostly in Athens, guest famous DJs from the entire world. A special care of the decoration gives a unique atmosphere to each club.